Bacchus Restaurant (Mdina)

The Bacchus Restaurant – set within the fortifications of Mdina, the Noble City of the Knights of St John – has been making history not only on account of its magnificent architecture. But also because of the huge possibilities offered by the building, which has been preserved since 1658.

People from all over the world are fascinated by Mdina: The ‘silence’ of the medieval walled city, the scenic charm of the sprawling views, the incomparable beauty of the palaces, Cathedral and museums. So many in fact that it takes whole day to admire everything. As a hospitable City, Mdina welcomes you to enjoy its beauty.

A blend of architecture ranging from the Roman to the Medieval combine to make the Bacchus Restaurant a unique venue and accommodate virtually any event. And it also offers the infrastructure that is required: zoned audio systems, stage lighting and the require environment for a professional event.

With the flexibility that the Bacchus Restaurant offers – function hall transformation occur as a matter of routine – satisfying every whim and desire of all special event organisers. Size, deco, arrangement and lighting issues have been successfully addressed to the satisfaction of the most demanding organisers.

In addition to the facilities at the Bacchus Restaurant, an in-house clear-span structure measuring 700 square metres may be added to the function hall creating a staggering combined total of 1250 square metres on the same level for larger events.

The way to a successful event leads past culinary delights and the Bacchus Restaurant can provide in-house catering for events with 12 or 1000 participants.


Type: Historical
Indoor Capacity: 600 pax
Outdoor Capacity: 450 pax
Total Capacity: 1050 pax