Cafe Premier (Valletta)

The Café Premier has re-opened its doors to the public after an extensive refurbishment. Café Premier is one of the oldest cafes in Valletta and its unique location beneath the National Library provides the ideal atmosphere for an early morning coffee, social lunch, relaxing dinner or pre/post theatre snacks.

Café Premier encompasses a grand café, Seafood Bar, Tapas Bar and Bistro/Brasserie and offers just the place to be with your friends in Valletta. Its tasteful interior is divided in various areas, offering different foods for different moods. Cafe dining, Sushi bar, Tapas bar, A la carte restaurant and take away, all within a unique and exciting food-hall concept.

At the Café Premier you can enjoy the authentic blends of Italian coffee, in the atmosphere of Valletta ’s main piazza, right on Republic Square. Or if al fresco is too much for you, the shady cover of the historical archway offers a cool setting for a relaxed rendezvous. After all, Café Premier is the place to be.


Type: Historical
Indoor Capacity: 180 pax
Archway: 40 pax
Outdoor Capacity: 240 pax
Total Capacity: 460 pax