Del Borgo (Vittoriosa)

Over the past years, wine bars have popped up everywhere on the Maltese islands. They have slowly introduced a more sophisticated culture to Malta’s nightlife. Alan Mercieca Bons and Ingrid Dalli, owners of Del Borgo, set out to further influence this interesting trend by opening a wine bar true to its Maltese origins.

The location is the best example of this. Rather than investing in a run of the mill and more commercial area, such as Sliema and St. Julian’s, Del Borgo is situated in the charming and historical town of Birgu/Vittoriosa (the original dwelling of the Knights of St. John). In fact, a walk-about the narrow and meandering streets coupled with a night out at Del Borgo, is an evocative attraction in itself.

The actual building forms part of a centuries-old Maltese palace with loads of character. A lot of attention has gone into giving the place a fresh look without compromising its historic appeal. This was successfully achieved with a minimal decor and a pleasant blend of traditional limestone and wood.

You really start to appreciate the love and thought that Ingrid and Alan have put into Del Borgo once you open the wine list and food menu. There are over 300 wines to choose from. The list features every particular characteristic of each wine, categorised according to the taste and grape variety, country of origin, and price. To make life a bit easier they have also included recommended wines for various items on their food menu.

True to their promise of an authentic experience, the food has a great emphasis on local produce promoting Malta’s old, but sometimes overlooked, food heritage. Ravioli with a Gbejniet (traditional cheeselets) filling and fresh tomato sauce, Maltese platters, Battered Cod Fritters, Hobza Maltija Mimlija (stuffed Maltese bread) – to name but a few. The focus is on simple traditional dishes with genuine ingredients and a modern touch.


Type: Historical
Indoor Capacity: 50 pax
Outdoor Capacity: None
Total Capacity: 50 pax